Studio McLeod


A very big thank you to you and your superb team at Studio McLeod for all that you have done to create our wonderful new home. You made the whole process stress free, seamlessly efficient, completely on-task and ultimately an enjoyable experience – Incredible!

Oliver and Rebecca – Private house, Chelsea

It’s the best experience of customer service I’ve ever had. And we even had a lot of fun. After spending time understanding what I liked and how I lived, Studio McLeod came up with a design that has delivered much more than I’d hoped for in the space. It looks gorgeous, delivers my dream of a warm, calm and light living environment and is very practical. They listened and understood my views and then oversaw absolutely everything. Studio McLeod took the stress of dealing with builders and building works away. They really cared about getting it right and delivering something that I would love. We had good communication throughout. They were extremely diligent and took responsibility for pretty much every aspect of the project–plus they gave honest opinions (in a good way). I had a very tight budget and Studio McLeod made sure that we came in right on that budget.

Louise – Private garden flat, Gondar Gardens, Hampstead

It has been a lot of fun to work with Duncan and his team. They have great ideas about how to create light and space. Duncan has a very easy-going way about him so we felt comfortable expressing our thoughts and opinions during the design process. They are very thorough and have an excellent ability to attend to design details. I also feel very confident that if I have any queries they will continue to provide a reliable ‘after sales’ service. We are very happy with the results.

Ellen and Michel – Private house, Chelsea

Studio McLeod were an inspiration and pleasure to work with. They brought with them a wealth of innovative and original ideas which went way beyond our expectations. In seeing these ideas through to fruition, they worked with enormous patience, ensuring no stone was left unturned to deliver an outstanding end result. We would recommend Duncan highly for his extraordinary creative vision, huge enthusiasm and energy, diligence, perfectionism and above all his easy going, affable nature.

Nicky and Angus – Private house, Queens Park

The ability of Studio McLeod to listen, and allow clients to discover their needs undisturbed by trends and status, really touched me.

Rosa Rogina – London Festival of Architecture