On 16th June 2017, for London Festival of Architecture 2017 we offered 'Perfect Day' architectural therapy sessions at our studio. The sessions can be seen as a micro-version of how we work with clients to design whole houses. The 'Perfect Day' sessions offer a direct way of understanding and focusing on what's important to people. The sessions allow people to concentrate on possibilities rather than obstacles which sometimes get in the way.  We believe these 'Perfect Days' and moments are key to the design of your Perfect Home.

Below is a version of the questions asked at the 'Perfect Day' sessions. We invite you to share a therapy session with a friend, family or complete stranger. 

Simply read the questions within the form below and write down what your interviewee says. Let them know they should relax, let their imagination go and ignore limitations such as money, time and reality! It's important to use their words rather than adding your own interpretation. When you're finished, calmly read the answers back to them and ask if it sounds like a perfect day!

Submit the answers and we will send the 'Perfect Day' to the given email address for you to print or share.


From all at Studio McLeod