Studio McLeod

Our approach is different

Our approach has been described as ‘Architectural Therapy’.

I think it’s because we like people, and they see the genuine enjoyment we get from helping them.

We really listen to our clients, aim to understand what would really make a difference for them and thrive on solving the ensuing puzzle.

We need to be good listeners, ask the right questions and discover what would significantly improve our clients' lives before we respond with design solutions. Our client discussions aim to remove boundaries that might be limiting their ideas. We encourage clients to be brave and ask for the impossible. Once the client is truly excited about what they are asking for we can start to solve the puzzle.

Then it’s our job to see possibilities rather than obstacles. When looking for design solutions we aim to identify, challenge and push past obvious ideas which might be limiting. We enjoy the excitement that great ideas generate as much the design process. The reaction from clients when you create or transform something they hadn’t thought possible is pretty special.

Building or renovating a home isn’t something you’re going to do very many times in your life. So it’s important that our clients get what they want.

In essence, we’re good listeners, who like solving puzzles, and believe there is always a way!

Duncan McLeod

Domus Nova, Jan 2015 – ‘Inspiring Design’

London Festival of Architecture, June 2016 – ‘Architectural Therapy’