Gondar Gardens


The brief from the client for Gondar Gardens included two seemingly impossible requests: the client wanted to be able to see the garden from the living room and when lying in bed; and she didn't want the flat to be in London. Through the use of an internal courtyard and a carefully chosen material palette we managed to achieve one and the feeling of the other!

As you enter the flat you can see all the way through to the long garden. The layout was reimagined to place the open plan living space next to the garden in a new rear extension. The materials and colours are selected to give the spaces a soft and calm feel, with panelled walls and brushed oak flooring. The roof is sculpted to be sensitive to its neighbours, rising only at its centre to give height where desired, with skylights opening at its edges and apex to provide an evocatively lit living area. All the large glazed panels slide open and out of the way, allowing the indoor-outdoor separation to be dissolved.

The internal courtyard is key to the plan, providing light and outdoor planted space in the middle of the house. The client can be in her living or dining area and be surrounded by greenery. The courtyard provides natural light, ventilation and an external aspect for the master bedroom, achieving one of the client’s goals by allowing the view through the living room to the rear garden. There’s even a light switch next to the client’s bed where she can control the lights in the garden.