Drummond House


A client approached us with an unusual brief. He wanted to build his dream house however; he didn’t yet have a site or the money. He wanted the house to be on site within four years, by his fortieth birthday. 

We agreed to take on the project and put forward the idea of framing key visuals of the design to accompany a book showing how the design developed. These were to be a form of inspiration to drive him to raise the money needed for the project. 

With no site context design development began with the client himself and we sat down to discuss what he wanted to achieve with the house, his values and how he wanted to live. We discussed moments and routines that would make up his perfect day and ensured discussions removed complexities to allow him to think and communicate clearly. These discussions generated the brief and the basis for spatial connections and qualities of the design.  

The plan layout resolves the client’s needs while its appearance reflects his character. The front elevation is understated but once inside the roof fans up from a single point towards the views. Internal planted courtyards concealed behind the approach façade wall also provide more intimate planted views for the living room and master bedroom. 

Two years later he is on his way to raising the funds. We now use this ‘Architectural Therapy’ approach with all clients to ensure we develop a strong, personal and inspiring brief.