Coquet Moor House


Coquet Moor House is an extension to a stone cottage for a young family. The client self-managed the construction phase, working with Studio McLeod and the on site contractors to ensure the design could be achieved on a tight budget. It was agreed that the internal and external feel should be different to the main house. Internally the house offers open plan living on the ground floor, with bedrooms and play spaces above.

Sections of glass flooring provide visual connections between the two floors and allow light to the centre of the living space. The original end wall of the house is left exposed within the new extension.

The road elevation is traditional, yet the language of the window size and treatment become more contemporary offering spectacular views to the hills behind.

New and old volumes are visually separated by a zinc-clad element which houses the stairs and allows a shift in roof geometry to provide increased headroom and floorspace in the bedrooms. 

The spacing of the slim larch cladding creates a lightweight feel to the extension, partially covering certain windows to allow the cladding to be seen from inside. The building transforms at night, as the internal lighting shines through the cladding revealing the full size of the openings.