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Studio McLeod are recognised as one of the UK’s leading architects for innovative residential architecture.

We are a RIBA award winning practice and one of six practices shortlisted for Architect of the Year 2017 for projects up to £1.5m. We have a 100% record of getting our clients planning approval and are acknowledged for producing architecture that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

We are a dedicated and close knit team with shared values and a drive to produce exceptional work.

We enjoy PEOPLE and the excitement that new ideas generate.
We are driven to solve PUZZLES that are generated by a site, building or brief.
We find fulfilment in MAKING beautiful spaces and architecture.

Our approach of really listening to our clients and working out what would make the biggest difference to their lives has been referred to as ‘Architectural Therapy’. Our clients have described the process as efficient and inspiring and the end results as calming, captivating and fulfilling.

We are known for innovative buildings that are sculpturally beautiful with stunning natural light and thoughtful use of materials. We work closely with consultants and contractors to ensure each project is carefully constructed and works.

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